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Connectivity Funding Deadline:
31st December 2025

Bridge the Digital Divide and Supercharge Your School

Did you know that the Department for Education is providing funding for schools across the U.K. to help them be better connected? Did you know that your school has until 2025 to apply?


Unleash the power of learning with High Speed, reliable internet!

The future of education is here, and it's connected. By 2025, every school in the UK will have access to high-speed internet that fuels engagement, fosters collaboration, and propels learning to new heights.


  • Seamless streaming: Educational resources load instantly, no more buffering breaks.

  • Instant downloads: Learning materials arrive in a flash, keeping students engaged and on track.

  • Lag-free video conferencing: Connect with experts and collaborators across the globe with crystal-clear communication.

  • Unwavering reliability: Back-up connections ensure uninterrupted learning, even in case of glitches.

But preparing for this revolution requires more than just speed. Your school's infrastructure needs to be ready to handle the surge. That's where Simoda steps in.

We're your trusted partner in bridging the digital divide

Expert assessments

We analyse your current network, identify areas for improvement, and ensure compliance with new regulations.

Tailored solutions 

We craft a personalised plan that fits your budget, needs, and vision for the future.

Seamless implementation

From upgrading firewalls and cabling to installing cutting-edge Wi-Fi, we handle everything with minimal disruption.

We also provide on-going support

We are your one-stop shop for all your future connectivity, IT and technology needs, providing ongoing maintenance and guidance in a support package to suit your budget and needs.

Learning with Tablets

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Don't let outdated technology hold back your school's potential. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and connect your students to the future of learning.

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