Cyber Security

Business Outcomes

Achieve compliance

Protect assets

Mitigate risk

Reduced operational costs

Improve application availability

Reach new markets

We help you navigate through the complex world of cyber security. We partner with industry leading security specialist providers to ensure you are always ahead of the ever changing landscape of cyber security

Our experience tells us that when a business investigate cyber security solutions it is because of the below


1.     Re-active / post incident or attack

2.     Pro-active / protect before something happens

3.     Renewal of security product or new product request

4.     Corporate mandate or leadership team direction/instruction

Our Cyber Security offerings


Secure directory in the cloud with an intuitive web-based interface that allows you to manage users, their manager relationship, authentication policies and access control. 


Use artificial intelligence & machine learning to scan the enterprises passwords to identify compromised passwords, providing a stable platform to support compliance regulations such as ISO27001


Protect your organisation’s mission-critical assets with policy-based MFA including DeviceLess, OTP, PinPhrase, Yubikey USB hardware tokens or leading PinGrid technology 


Protecting your devices is critical to a successful security posture, There are lots of endpoint vendors out there, we work with you to understand which vendor will provide the best value for you and your business needs


Our security managed services are delivered utilising our UK based security operations centre which provides realtime incident  management,  remediation & reporting

Protect your Veeam backup data from Ransomware

Blocky for Veeam is especially designed to protect your Veeam backups by denying any unauthorised data access to application processes that may have breached other security measures such as firewall and anti-virus scanners.

Security Managed Services

Our security managed services are delivered utilising our UK based security operations centre which provides realtime incident  management, remediation & reporting

Incident response

Threat management

Vulnerability management

Proactive monitoring

Predictive protection

Success stories

PCI compliance




Issue / Challenge / Objective

100% year on year business growth

Move to cloud 

Secure personal data

Security skills gap

The solution

The customer moved legacy applications and services from on-prem to AWS so a new security architecture was adopted with integrated suite of intrusion detection,  vulnerability scanning & log management for the cloud.


PCI DSS compliance 

Reduced security incidents 

Knowledge of threats and attacks 

Acquisition requires improved security posture


Financial Services

Issue / Challenge / Objective

Business acquisition

Staff shortages

Multi country compliance required

The solution

The customer chose the Masergy Unified Enterprise Security (UES) solution to provide 24x7 continuous monitoring, integrated vulnerability management, intrusion detection and network access monitoring.


Successful acquisition completed

Multiple cost savings

Increased IT staff efficiencies

Secure application deployment




Issue / Challenge / Objective

Legacy password management issues

New applications take to long to deploy

Modernise the way users access applications & systems

The solution

The customer migrated existing access management solution to OneLogin UAM. All Senior executives & engineers who travel around the globe adopted the Adaptive Authentication solution to enable them to access applications & services while on the move.


New applications now take less than 24 hours to roll out 

Protected data service

On target to achieve digital transformation targets

Proud of our partnerships

Not sure what to do or how to get started ?

Let our team of digital transformation experts guide you along the journey to achieve successful outcomes.

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