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"Anyone that knows me will already know that I value vendor & supplier relationships as much as key customer relationships."


Daniel Bumby

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Managing Director

Booster Pack
Thanks for scanning the QR code and opening your Simoda booster pack, inside you will have found a Lego Simoda Space Buggy, everyone loves a bit of Lego.  

Take a break, make a brew & build your Simoda Lego.

Watch my video below  

Remember to post pictures of your Simoda Space Buggy on our social media accounts with #simodaspacebuggy

The best picture will win £500 Lego shop voucher.  

simoda spaceman technology solutions

About Simoda & me

Simoda stands for Simplify Modernise & Accelerate & these are business outcomes we drive with our customers

I am your Technology Consultant & my objective is to help you and your team solve issues, address challenges & achieve objectives through technology products, solutions & services.

Our offerings are based on what we call our 'stack', this can be found here 

Next action 

I would like to schedule a call with you to investigate where we can add value to you and your business, so please use the 'book a call with Dan' link above or alternatively please drop me an email to

Thanks for taking the time to read this and watch the video, looking forward to building a relationship with you.

How can we help you


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Dans projects

Infrastructure & Cloud


Microsoft 365 Migration

Microsoft License Consolidation

Opex Infrastructure

Cloud Backup & Dr

Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 Design & Migration

Lob Application Integration

Hardware Decommissioning

Software Asset Management.

I.T Modernisation


I.T Review

Microsoft 365 Migration

Desktop Refresh

Cloud Adoption

Upgrade Cyber Security.

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