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Data Storage Infrastructure

Simoda provide enterprise storage architectures which provide the capacity and performance for todays modern application requirements.



Why choose Simoda for Data Storage ?

Access to large number of storage architects

Long history of excellence in the storage arena

Disruptive vendors

Cost effective consumption solutions

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Hot Cloud Storage

Wasabi provides simple, predictable and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses all over the world enabling organisations to store and instantly access an infinite amount of data at 1/5th the price of the competition with no complex tiers or unpredictable egress fees.  

Benefits of Wasabi with Simoda

80% cheaper than AWS S3

No fees for egress or API requests

11 x 9s of data durability

Certified S3 compatible

One price with no hidden fees

Cloud NAS solution available

Sunset Views

Multi-Cloud Data Management

Our partner Komprise enable you to get instant insight into data across all NAS and Object data silos from on-prem to the clouds.


Identify savings and systemically archive cold data transparently without any disruption to save costs. Analyse, archive, migrate, replicate, and manage data at scale simply and reliably.

Benefits of Komprise

See & understand your business data easily

Deep analytics enable AI

Archive cold data to reduce storage costs

No rehydration necessary


Data Virtualisation

Simoda are proud to partner with Silk (New name for Kaminario) to provide solutions to decouple the delivery of data services from underlying infrastructure resources.


Silk delivers superior data services running on any private or public cloud. By appearing as shared block data instances to application hosts, Silk enables data reduction, performance acceleration, and resiliency that enterprises demand. 


Benefits of Silk Data Services


Reduce cloud costs by 30%

Orchestrate resources on both private & pubic clouds

Move data between clouds 

Ensure application performance for any environment


Ransomware Protection For Veeam

Blocky for Veeam is especially designed to protect your Veeam backups by denying any unauthorised data access to application processes that may have breached other security measures such as firewall and anti-virus scanners.


How does it work ?

Uses application whitelisting rather than blacklisting

Application fingerprints WORM

Real-time alerts for unauthorised processes

Installed on Microsoft Windows Repository Server

Blocky for Veam Certified Partner Logo.p
Quick Sync

Simplifying Rapid Access To Data 

Simoda have partnered with data management vendor Redstor to enable organisations to easily protect data and by utilising industry-leading reporting, ensure that all of the correct data is being backed up, helping with management and compliance. 


Use cases

Microsoft 365 



Cloud Archive

Data Management

Ransomware Protection


Simoda Data Management Journey

Hard at Work

True VM storage that scales 

Tintri provides a high performance, self managing storage architecture which includes predictive analytics in order to simplify the management of future application or service delivery. 

Use cases

Highly virtualised environments
VMware , Hyper-V, Redhat, Citrix
Virtual Desktop
Private cloud
SQL performance
High capacity, low latency apps




We provide solutions & services which enable you to pull data from your assets by utilising high speed networking & communications & IOT technologies



Modern data storage is critical to business performance, We provide solutions that address the needs of your application while driving the cost per GB down



Our data management solutions provide you with the ability to access your data across multiple environments including on premises & public cloud



Sometimes just backing up your data will not address compliance or operational requirements. We provide a range of flexible data protection solutions & services to fit most needs



Using your business data to ensure you make better decisions is critical for any size organisation, we provide the tools and services to enable you to reap the rewards from the valuable data you have in the business

Work Desk

Data Science Workshop

Success stories

Diesel Gas
Stock Exchange

Corporate Security Directive



Oil & Gas

Issue / Challenge / Objective

Global IT security directive

No ransomware protection

Protect all data assets 



Low cost solution to directive

Easy to manage

All backups now protected

Cloud Archive

Success stories



Issue / Challenge / Objective

On-prem archive software out of support

Move to AWS to expensive

Looking for fast S3 compatible storage



60% cost saving 

Less support calls 

Accurate budgeting

Success stories



Financial Services

Issue / Challenge / Objective

Storage out of support

New application requires additional performance

Cloud access needed



25% application perfomance increase

15% reduction in support costs

50% less footprint

Storage Refresh

Not sure what to do or how to get started ?

Let our team of digital transformation experts guide you along the journey to achieve successful outcomes.

Click HERE to complete the FREE consultation request form and a member of our team will be in touch ASAP

In order to fully understand the capabilities of your business data we have partnered with DSP-Explorer to create the FREE data science workshop program.

What is it ?

A FREE 1/2 day virtual Microsoft Teams or on-site workshop. 

Who is it for ?

The workshop is aimed at key business stakeholders from across all areas of the organisation regardless of their prior understanding of data science or analytics.

What are the outcomes ?

The workshop findings will help identify & define potential use cases for your business to adopt leading data science techniques such as A.I & M.L, We will also complete a data maturity assessment and share the findings with the stakeholders.

How do you qualify ?

Do you have the time to commit to 1/2 day for the FREE workshop ?

Are you interested in the benefits that data science can bring to your business ?

How do you apply ?

Simply complete the request form or contact a member of our team to arrange

We combine our award-winning expertise of data & data platforms with your specialist business knowledge to identify & define potential AI/ML use cases. 

Throughout the half-day, 4 step programme, our innovation team will explain key AI concepts to all business stakeholders regardless of their prior understanding of data science, guiding you through all the stages required to determine the value that actionable insights could have to your business.

At the end of this workshop, you will have all the information required to select potential use-cases relevant to you and move forwards into a proof-of-concept phase with confidence. 

High-Level Overview & Definition of Terms

Understand AI terminology and different learning models such as Machine Learning, Neural Networks & Natural Language Processing

Case Studies & description of high-level use cases 

Demonstration of what business objectives have been improved through the use of AI in real world scenarios

Define use cases applicable to your business

Identify which of your existing services & processes will most benefit from AI capabilities

Data maturity assessment

The lifeblood of any AI project. Before embarking on a PoC you need to identify the sources, quality and quantity of data available applicable to the identified use cases

Next Steps

Using the output from the workshop, we will work with you to define a Proof of Concept around one of the identified use cases. This PoC will provide you with an excellent demonstration of the value of data science and how it can transform your decision making & unlock previously unknown data relationships.