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To better manage explosive data growth and reduce our customers data management costs, Simoda have partnered with Komprise, Silk, Wasabi & Prolion who are leading data management & protection vendors.


Why Simoda Data Management Solutions ?


For success you need to first understand your data to know what’s hot or cold and then start treating the data differently.





Manage unstructured data at scale

To better manage explosive data growth and save costs, you need to first understand your data to know what’s cold and start treating data differently.


Get fast and meaningful insights on petabytes of unstructured data all analysed in the background by Komprise. It’s the only scale-out, adaptive, non-intrusive analytics-driven data management software that delivers the insight needed for smarter data decisions.


Hot cloud storage 80% less than S3

Exponential data growth shouldn’t automatically translate to astronomical data storage and data tier management costs.


We recognise that while not all data is created equal, with the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, every piece of data has the potential to reshape and transform your business.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is a universal, one size fits all cloud object storage service that eliminates confusing storage tiers and satisfies nearly all storage performance requirements.


Hot Cloud Storage costs less than traditional cold storage service and is significantly faster than traditional frequent-access storage services.


With Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage all data is treated equally and made readily accessible no matter how you classify it, hot, cool or cold. Hot Cloud Storage is low-cost, durable and highly available secure cloud storage with no tier-based latency delays. 

Orchestrate & optimise cloud data

Silk’s Cloud Data Platform makes your cloud smarter in every way. It allows you to scale flexibly and on-demand, while delivering even better performance than ever before. And with dynamic provisioning, your cloud not only runs perfectly – it also costs you way less.

Orchestrate every process


With Silk’s Flex Dashboard, you’re in complete control of your cloud data. See every detail       in-depth and in real-time, and scale up or down instantly using a simple drag and drop.

Optimise every penny

Silk clarity shows you exactly which features, data and performance you use so you can finally stop paying for what don't. With powerful machine learning analytics, you see what you paid for and where you can save, so you always put your money where your cloud is.


Scaleable enterprise storage solutions

Infinidat’s enterprise storage solutions offer the reliability, performance, and flexibility necessary to support today’s data-intensive digital enterprises.


High performance, high availability, and flexible options for scaling are all part of the Infinidat portfolio, designed to help your company empower competitive advantage at multi-petabyte scale.

The Infinidat portfolio covers a full range of robust storage and data protection capabilities, easily leveraged to address the biggest data management and data protection challenges for private, public, and hybrid cloud architectures.


Primary storage, cloud storage, business continuance, and disaster recovery are all supported by Infinidat solutions.

Ransomware protection for NetApp filers

No operating system is immune to ransomware attacks. Many companies don’t even know whether individual files have been encrypted, given the millions of files they have stored. With CryptoSpike you can detect malicious software quickly and prevent it from spreading.

CryptoSpike has been specifically designed for NetApp ONTAP storage systems. CIFS and NFS user attacks are recorded by the FPolicy API. In real time, the solution mo- nitors every transaction in the NetApp storage for abnor- malities relating to file extensions or user behaviour.

Use Cases

Analyse Unstructured Data


Analyse billions of files in hours without having to move them first. Get insight across all your file and object storage: on-prem or in private or public clouds.Know how much you have, what kind, who’s using it, and how fast it’s growing.Identify your cold data to move to cheaper storage.

Archive Transparency


Archiving can save 70% of storage, backup, and DR costs. We can archive cold data off NAS and S3 primary storage without any access disruption whatsoever cutting storage costs, shrinking backup windows, and enhancing performance of hot data.

Optimise Cloud Data

Organisations that choose multicloud struggle to manage their data securely and coherently when it’s spread across multiple systems and locations. Expensive retrieval costs, complicated cost structures, slow migrations, complex management. We have a better way. Save 50% on cloud storage costs with an analytical approach to cloud data management.

Enable A.I. & Big Data

Big Data projects take 80% of the time finding the right data and getting it out of data centres. Now you can search, find, and tag the exact files you want across all your storage faster than ever by creating virtual data lakes. Deep Analytics takes the big deal out of preparing for Big Data projects.

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