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I.T capacity as a Service

Simoda are proud to deliver HPE Greenlake solutions for businesses in the UK. HPE Greenlake brings the cloud experience to apps and data as a true capacity as a service solution where you pay for the resources you consume, just like the public cloud. 

Benefits of HPE Greenlake with Simoda

Capacity team aligned to help ensure true ROI
Install & set up included
Access to Greenlake Central management tool
Preserve cash with no upfront costs

Simoda with HPE GreenLake

Infrastructure Analytics

"The first step to achieving fast ROI is to fully understand your current environment before talking solution stacks"

Our Infrastructure Analytics solution monitors and analyses your IT infrastructure, offering insights and reports that help you upgrade, repair, and adapt your data centre to the changing needs of your business.  

The platform also simulates possible migrations to the various cloud platforms, estimating costs and viability, as well as modelling your exact infrastructure as a virtual environment, machine-by-machine, to provide the data you need to decide between cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

Use cases for infrastructure analytics assessments

Looking to move data or applications to the cloud
Investigating new infrastructure environments
Health check your current infrastructure 

What do we check ? 



The non disruptive analysis will check your current infrastructure configuration against best practice standards



We take a key look at your infrastructures current performance and offer advice on how to make improvements



To achieve the best possible ROI it is critical to ensure your infrastructure is being correctly utilised


Intelligent infrastructure Analytics

Tintri Analytics is a cloud-based SaaS offering that provides organisations the flexibility to meet shifting consumption and investment needs and model future capacity and performance requirements. Experience the difference Tintri’s VMstore storage systems with intelligent management of data and analytics provide to meet demands and transform plans to meet your business needs.

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Success stories

Gas Plant
Patient and Nurse
Boys at School

New Infrastructure

Oil & Gas

Issue / Challenge / Objective

Hardware out of support
Rapid growth plans
Access to corporate cloud


Reduction of licensing costs by 45%
Improved business agility
IT team now able to work on business improvement projects

Hybrid Cloud

Success stories


Health & Social Care

Issue / Challenge / Objective

Poor application performance
Rapidly changing business model 


50% better application performance
Reduction in admin costs


Success stories




Issue / Challenge / Objective

Limited admin resources

Need online e-procurement only service

Consolidation of bills



Reduced admin costs by 50%

Automated invoicing 

Order licenses quickly

Public Cloud

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