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Are you ready ? are you ready for cloud ?

Picture the scene, the year is 1979, The UK is in a state of industrial unrest leading to the Sun newspaper reporting one of the most famous quotes in history ‘Crisis ? What crisis ?

Later that year the UK broke ground with the first female being elected as prime minister. (Now im not going to comment on anything else in regards to this…….)

Liverpool with the football league, Nottingham forest win the European cup under the legend Brian Clough (for the younger readers here Liverpool did win the league once and yes it is the same Nottingham Forest that sit in the Championship)

That year saw Elton John become the first musician from the west to perform live in the Soviet Union and I am sure that during that concert he sang his hit track ‘Are you ready for love’

Now if he had changed the words to ‘Are you ready for cloud’ then I think people would have just thought he was being his usual eccentric self.

Now fast forward to today, 2019 and sorry to say we are now nearer 2020 than 2018…………

I’m not going to sing it but I’ve now changed the words to ‘Are you ready, Are you ready for Cloud’ ?

The harsh facts are that most businesses would not be saying ‘yes I am, yes I am’ but ‘I don’t know’

This excites me because I love helping businesses on their cloud adoption journey in 3 ways. (special mention to GP for this, you know who you are….)

1. Assess the options available to them

2. Design and Plan the journey

3. Migrate them to the cloud

By helping business and educating business leaders and IT teams on the opportunities that cloud can deliver we drive solid business outcomes.

· Clarity

· Knowledge

· Peace of mind

· Data driven decisions

Not sure if we can help ?

Just ask us, but I am not singing because we have had enough rain for august already

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