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Did you know that in 1953 they predicted we would fire birds into buildings to destroy pigs

Ok so this didn’t happen but in an article published in the Tacoma News Tribune on April the 11th1953 predicted users will see each other when talking on the phone.

Now im not sure if this is a hoax but it did get me thinking about what the future of communications looks like and actually what we have right now at our fingertips.

Todays modern communications opportunities

With the rise of Unified Comms as a Service (UCaaS) the traditional phone system is dead. Moving your business communications to the cloud is one of the easiest and quickest ways to start cloud adoption and to me the most sensible thing any business who currently have a PBX sat in their server room or data centre can do today.

The flexibility of the platform drives real business benefits

· Increased productivity

· Greater redundancy

· Simplified administration

· Scalability

· Increase quality of service

· True business mobility

With Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) A.I is today not just the future

When customers connect with brands, do they prefer to be able to find what they need themselves and resolve their enquiries directly, or to speak to a human agent who will sort it out for them? Thanks to the growing role of A.I within the contact centre, the boundaries are increasingly blurring between what used to be two distinct approaches.

With the introduction of a unified cloud customer experience platform, A.I functionality can be integrated subtly and with discretion, without the customer being overtly aware that they’re interacting with anything automated. All they notice is that they get the outcome they want from the interaction fast and a great experience while getting it.

Using CCaaS A.I to help drive sales

Picture the scene, you are a white goods retail business that has a call centre to help drive sales, it is first thing Monday morning and you have a competent sales rep on the phone to a prospective customer and the prospect says that they don’t have white goods insurance, because it is Monday morning the usually competent sales rep misses the comment because they have not had enough coffee and they are still in weekend dreamland.

What if the A.I could spot this and bring a pop up script or prompt onto the reps screen as they are talking so that the rep makes sure they introduce the fantastic white goods insurance deal that the prospective customer is entitled to ?

This is not dreamland this is actually happening today for businesses that have taken the plunge with a modern comms platform built with UCaaS & CCaaS.

To understand what is available and how it can help your business you only have to ask.

I would love to see where we can help your business achieve more with a modern communications platform.

Sounds interesting ?

Drop me line and lets chat

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