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Server performance will no longer be an indicator of an app’s health

Traditionally many IT operations teams assumed that if the server was functional, then the application must be as well. This is why monitoring was focused solely on servers and infrastructure.

The cloud dilemma

But when you move to the cloud, you no longer control the infrastructure, so instead of

wanting to know how the servers are performing, you’re going to want to know if your cloud service is meeting the needs of your application.

This sees a shift change in the focus of the IT team, they will need to shift toward how your application is performing, rather than how the infrastructure is performing. Couple this with monitoring the performance and accessibility of your SaaS applications and the cost savings of cloud can become unclear.

Our advice is simple and straight forward, choose the right platform for the applications workload and don’t be afraid to move to another platform if your business circumstances change.

Not sure which app or which platform ?

We can help......................

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