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Simoda - COVID-19 official statement

With the situation changing on a daily basis I have been asked several times about our stance on the COVID-19 situation.

As a digital transformation business we are in a great position to serve our customers, all our applications and services sit in the cloud meaning you should see no interruption in our service levels. 

As part of our customer engagement strategy we are constantly monitoring the situation within the IT supply chain channel and will continue to update our customers when we see changes that could affect quality of service.

Simoda Chairman, Craig Bumby said 'I am very proud of the part our team are playing in helping local NHS staff access remote working technologies at this very difficult time'

Operations Director, John Delamore also said 'It is just business as usual for us, we thrive on challenges'

I think we can all do more to help each other and I urge any businesses that are struggling to address this awful situation to reach out to us for help.

In times like this we need to think of others as well as ourselves.



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