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The 9 key technology forces driving digital transformation

Digital technologies have created new markets and unprecedented business opportunities. They will open new ways for companies to integrate their customers ́ needs and preferences into their development and production processes, help them to enhance quality and avoid faults in their production processes and create transparency and flexibility across entire process chains.

The speed of digital transformation is being driven by 9 key technologies that affect all businesses.

1. Social

2. Mobile

3. Cloud

4. Internet of things

5. Cyber security

6. Robotics & automation

7. Big data & analytics

8. 3D printing

9. Artificial intelligence

Adaopting these transformational technologies & practices is a tough job, our findings have been very interesting over the last few years. The biggest requirement for any organisation is knowledge and understanding of what technology such as AI can do for a business before building a strategy and plan to adopt it.

Want to know more about the 9 ?

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