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Public Cloud

Business are already leveraging the incredible benefits that cloud computing provides, such as flexibility, scalability and resilience.


The hyperscaler vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft & Google are continuously developing their platforms and releasing new innovations.


However, most businesses that consume public cloud services have similar challenges today.


As a cloud solutions trusted advisor it is our role to look at the issues, challenges & objectives of public cloud consumption and help our customers address them with cost effective outcome based solutions.

Public cloud challenges we solve

Lack of visibility

Growing costs

Rising Complexity

Security & Compliance

Public Cloud Solutions

10 x Faster performance

Zero footprint clones

Use best practices

Reduce cloud costs by 80%

Gain control of your cloud costs


When you decide to move to the public cloud and embrace a cloud 1st strategy you have several consumption options available to you. Simoda provide cloud consumption licensing from the major hyperscalers AWS, Microsoft, Google & IBM.

Consuming your cloud through Simoda helps simplify the access to the hundreds of options available, we provide you with a dedicated secure web portal for you to access your licensing & enable you to procure at the click of a mouse.

All through your Simoda credit account 

Business Outcomes

Reduce your monthly bill

Free access to cloud management tools

Improved support over direct consumption


Managing your public cloud resources can be a strain to your finance & IT teams especially when it comes to matching resources to departments for chargeback.

We will provide you with access to next-generation cloud management tools that will provide total visibility into infrastructures and organisational management by individuals, teams, and roles.

With the ability to unify disparate data sources across an enterprise, businesses achieve immediate and actionable insights on how to run and scale public cloud infrastructure.

Business Outcomes

Easier to pinpoint improvement areas

Give control to DevOps ​

Visibility across platforms


Cloud optimisation is the process of correctly selecting and assigning the right resources to a workload or application.


When workload performance, compliance, and cost are correctly and continually balanced against the best-fit infrastructure in real time, efficiency is achieved.

Choosing the right cloud services is a balance between performance, efficiency and cost savings.


Simoda helps turn complexity into clarity by proactively optimising across clouds to rightsize your fleet and lower costs.


Business Outcomes

Save money​

Increase performance 

Track asset utilisation


Cloud providers deliver select security capabilities through their platforms, but you are responsible for fully protecting the data in your cloud environment and achieving security compliance.

 Our managed detection and response (MDR) solution with a cloud-based approach delivers:

Global view of threat activity

For more robust continuous protection across your IT infrastructure

24/7 security monitoring

Unmatched by any cloud-based solution provider

Dedicated security research team

Developing signatures, correlation rules, log parsers, and web application security policies

Business Outcomes

Mitigate cloud security risks 

Achieve compliance 

Win new contracts


Helping your cloud ambitions




Public Cloud Services

Cloud Assessments

The cloud assessment service looks at your infrastructure and application stack to determine the best way to embrace a public cloud strategy.

Business Outcomes

Right cloud 1st

Accurate budgeting

Remove complexity

Ready to go strategy

Health Checks

During the cloud health check service a cloud specialist will check the design & architecture of your public cloud environment and look for ways improve performance & reduce costs.

Business Outcomes

Identify issues

Prioritise projects

Reduce costs

Improve performance

Design & Architecture

A successful public cloud strategy starts with the correct design & architecture. A team of specialists will work with you to build design your infrastructure & application framework.

Business Outcomes

Reduce time to market

Quicker ROI

Predictable costs



Once you have the design framework it is important to deploy using best practices. Our skilled team of accredited deployment specialists will work with you to roll out your public cloud solution.

Business Outcomes

Mitigate risk

Reduce costs

Improve service

Budget correctly


24 x 7 x 365 ongoing support contracts or full managed service wraps are available which include infrastructure & application layer support.

Business Outcomes

High availability

Reduce overheads

Lower TCO

Improved performance

Not sure what to do or how to get started ?

Let our team of digital transformation experts guide you along the journey to achieve successful outcomes.

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