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We help your organisation utilise technology to:

Generate New Revenue
Improve Customer Experience
Deliver Operational Agility
Drive Business Efficiencies

Business outcome focused

Technology Products, Solutions & Services



verb (used with object),

sim·pli·fied, sim·pli·fy·ing.


To make less complex or complicated; 
Make plainer or easier: 
To simplify a problem.



verb (used with object),

mod·ern·ised, mod·ern·is·ing.


To make modern; 
Adopt modern ways, processes, systems: 
To embrace new technology.



verb (used with object),

ac·cel·er·at·ed, ac·cel·er·at·ing.

To go faster or greater activity, progress, development; 
To hasten the occurrence: 
Achieve results quicker.

About us

Read about how & why Simoda was born, why we are proud of our Sheffield heritage

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Why our customers choose us

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Challenges we solve

We need help urgently, can you save us 
We need technical help / assistance
How do we reduce our I.T spend 
I have a strange / obscure request can you help 
We have just acquired a new business and need to consolidate all our software / resources
Can you help design our I.T strategy / plan 
Is our existing supplier value for money

Our Customers

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“Shoot for the stars and if you happen to miss, shoot for the moon instead.”
Neil Armstrong

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