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Oil & Gas

Infrastructure Design

Success Story

Industry / Oil & Gas / Manufacturing 

Our customer is a world leader in its markets, providing smart tubular solutions for the energy sectors, including oil and gas wells in extreme conditions, next-generation power plant.

They have over 17,000 employees in 20 countries across the globe with a £3.2bn turnover. 

Issues / Challenges


  • Ageing hardware

  • Need to migrate from Hyper-v to VMware

  • Limited DR

  • Pressure from global to adopt new technologies



  • Replace ageing hardware with new

  • Move non disruptive services to cloud

  • Reduce DR failover time

  • Adhere to global architecture regulations 


The customer approached Simoda with a list of issues and objectives they needed to achievevery quickly to ensure compliance with global IT regulations.
Our solutions & technical teams worked closely with the customer to build an architecture design that
would achieve all areas within budget. The solution included new HPE & NetApp hardware infrastructure to deliver dual site replicated virtual services using the latest VMware virtualisation framework.
Within the design was the ability to utilise the global AWS storage architecture for cloud replication of backup data.
Simoda installed all physical hardware, updated to the latest secure firmware’s. Connected the system to the core and built the virtual environment, tested the replication of SRM/NetApp and made sure reverse replication worked.
We built the virtual environment and migrated the HyperV machines into the VMware infrastructure, we also built the replication standards and backup routines to compliment the businesses global policies.
Results / Outcomes
  • 0% downtime achieved
  • DR available in minutes rather than hours
  • Happy global leadership team 
“I have been very impressed with Simoda & we are
looking forward to working on the next project with them”
Head of I.T
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