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The technology industry is a wash with vendors who all say their products, solutions & services are the best.

The amount of technology available to any size business means it can be a tough task for a business leader or team of IT staff to find the right solution that will address their needs.

Because of this we created the Simoda with sessions to help our customers understand the value of the offerings behind the marketing messages. 

Simoda with....


In this quick video Simoda MD Daniel Bumby talks to Reuben Melville who is the worldwide category manager for HPE GreenLake about HPE's vision, how they see the data driven world & why GreenLake is a perfect offering for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of HPE GreenLake

Cash retention, no up front investment required
Faster time to market
On-demand elastic resources
HPE architecture
Management & Deployment included
Analytics to enable capacity management


In this 10 minute video, Simoda MD & founder Daniel Bumby talks to Arctic Wolf CTO Ian McShane about risk profiles, cyber awareness & a ticket to a better life.

Ian McShane, Field CTO, Arctic Wolf, Profile

Ian McShane has over 20 years’ experience in cybersecurity and operational IT, with humble beginnings in a tech support call centre and live-fire experience leading sysadmin teams for large multi-national organisations. As a former Gartner analyst, Ian has advised the largest and fastest growing technology companies in the world as well as tens of thousands of organisations world-wide. He is well known as a trusted advisor and popular commentator in our industry, and prior to joining Arctic Wolf Ian also spent time in various product-centric roles at Symantec, Endgame, Elastic, and CrowdStrike.

Managed Detection & Response
Managed Risk
Managed Cloud Monitoring
Managed Security Awareness



The cloud platform designed for resilient businesses

iland are a global cloud service provider that deliver secure compliant as a service environments, with UK data centres in London & Manchester 

Cloud backup 

Microsoft 365 backup

Disaster recovery

Cloud infrastructure

Object storage


Innovate & simplify cloud desktops

Cycloud was developed to help customers provision Cloud Desktops in a more efficient manner in a nearly any public cloud. 

Cloud savings up to 75%

Reduce carbon footprint by 80%

100% better way of working


The software-defined cloud and network platform for digital businesses

Masergy offers a seamlessly integrated PSTN replacement solution for Microsoft Teams that delivers top-quality voice performance alongside cost efficiency.

Secure cloud based PSTN 100% cloud


One click voice calls from Teams


Compatible with all 365 apps


Network & voice performance analytics