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At Simoda, we believe that technology shouldn't just run your business, it should propel it forward. That's why we offer more than just infrastructure and cloud services – we're your partner in complete end-to-end infrastructure design, migration, project management and on-going support.

We can help you right-size your existing environment, ensuring workloads live on the most cost-effective infrastructure possible.

Why not take advantage of a free review with our infrastructure and cloud experts? 

What is your Cloud Strategy?

Private Cloud

In today's cloud-focused world, the private cloud plays a huge part in the delivery of business applications & services across the globe. The traditional data centre model is still very popular and Simoda will help your business embrace traditional data centre infrastructure.

  • Compute

  • Storage

  • Networking

  • Virtualisation

  • Co-Lo

  • Backup

  • Disaster Recovery

  • HPE Greenlake

  • Firewalls as a Service

  • Simoda Cloud

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Public Cloud

Simoda are proud partners with the 3 big hyper scaler vendors and our public cloud solutions and services are focused on helping businesses consume, optimise, protect and achieve compliance.

  • Microsoft Azure

  • AWS

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Consumption, Optimisation, Compliance, Protection


Hybrid Cloud

The Simoda hybrid cloud solution strategy utilises leading public and private cloud environments to ensure that your applications and services deliver clear ROI and allow data and applications to be shared across multiple platforms.

  • Infrastructure as a Service

  • HPE Greenlake

  • Hybrid Data Storage

  • Simoda Cloud

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Simoda's modern approach to backup and DR enables our customers to achieve clear RPO and RTO objectives while ensuring the data is protected by the latest backup architecture.

  • Cloud Backup

  • Archive & LTR


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Challenges we solve

Simoda are committed to addressing your technology challenges and helping you achieve your business goals. We understand the common pain points that customers share with us and we provide expert support and services to mitigate these:

  • Poor system / application performance

  • Business is growing and I need to add to my infrastructure

  • Ageing kit is causing outages / failures

  • Don’t know what infrastructure we have & who is using it

  • I want to reduce my data centre costs

  • We want to move to an opex model from traditional capex

  • Need to migrate to a new data centre

  • Hard to understand my complex cloud bills

  • We need to cross charge for resources being consumed

  • Can we cut our public cloud bills 

  • We want to adopt a multi cloud strategy can you help

  • Our business is growing and I need to add to infrastructure - it needs to expand with my business

  • Don't know what infrastructure we have / who is using it?

Embrace a Winning Cloud Strategy with Simoda

Partner with Simoda for Cloud Success to:

  • Reduce risk and uncertainty: Leverage our expertise to identify and mitigate potential cloud migration risks, ensuring a smooth and successful transition

  • Accelerate time to market: Get your applications and services up and running in the cloud quickly with our proven methodologies and processes

  • Maintain control and governance: Gain visibility into your cloud environment, optimise costs, and ensure compliance with industry regulations

Ready to unlock the full potential of Cloud for your business? Wherever you are on your Cloud journey, Simoda’s experts will design and deploy solutions that align with your unique business needs and goals with support services to drive success.


Find out how Simoda Cloud can save you up to 40% in cloud costs

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