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Financial Services

Microsoft 365

Success Story

Industry / Financial Services

Our customer was established in 2004 and is a market-leading executing broker who generates trade ideas, sources prices, provides trade anonymity and provides top level voice and electronic trade execution.

They have a global presence and are represented in London, New York, Chicago, Singapore and operate under strict FCA compliance regulations. 

Issues / Challenges


  • Ageing hardware

  • Unsupported software

  • Poor collaboration

  • Limited time & resources for new projects



  • Embrace new cloud technologies

  • Modernise workflow

  • Remote working

  • Reduce internal support tickets


Simoda’s technical consultants worked extensively with the customers internal IT team. The project started with several discovery sessions to help understand the current environment and where the key application dependencies were, this also highlighted any current issues with workflow
As part of the Simoda standard project workflow process we provided the customer with a detailed working technical document, design, and implementation process that would be followed to achieve project delivery success.
A project manager worked with the customers internal team to understand user profiles so the correct Microsoft 365 license was purchased. The licenses were purchased through Simoda’s CSP portal, which enables the customer to access licensing information and procure licenses via a self-service framework.

Simoda also provide support on the environment to enable them to concentrate on delivery of key growth projects and not have to worry about their platform and the complex licensing environment.
Results / Outcomes
  • All staff able to work remotely if required
  • Single communication platform
  • 50% reduction for internal support
  • Happy global leadership tea
“Simoda’s ability to understand how our business worked was key to the success of our project”

Head of Technology
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