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Stay ahead of cyber threats with our comprehensive security solutions

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We believe that a modern cyber security strategy is modular in form and delivered by leading point solutions with a managed service wrap around. This way means that you not only have a set of leading products but extra sets of eyes to help you advise, deploy, manage and mitigate your cyber security risks.

Cyber Security

What does your business need?

End Point

Simoda partner with the worlds first & only purpose-built deep learning cyber security technology Deep Instinct, taking a prevention first approach to stopping ransomware & other malware threats faster ensuring malicious content never executes in your environment.

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Email & Web Security

Our email and web security solutions use modern A.I & M.L to protect your business data inline, meaning we scan the data before it hits the inbox. Simoda web security provides comprenisive DNS web filtering to protect your users & data.


Security Awareness

Simoda security awareness solutions are delivered via education that seeks to equip your staff with the information they need to protect themselves and the business from threats.

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Security Operations

We are proud of our partnership with Arctic Wolf & believe their innovate platform and concierge delivery model enable us to provide better protection in a way that is uniquely fast and cost effective.




Challenges we solve


  • We have been hit by ransomware what do we do

  • How do we minimise our risk of being hit by a cyber attack

  • Which product or solution is best fit for our needs

  • Are we 100% secure

  • We are struggling to manage our security alerts because we have too many

  • The shareholders have asked me how secure we are, what do I tell them

  • How do we prove we meet our compliance requirements

  • Which new security technologies should we be looking at

  • We have limited skills in-house can you help

Free Cyber Security Audit

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