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Trusted by 400,000+ businesses worldwide

Get up to £2000 credit on your Simoda Account with this exclusive offer

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We partner with RingCentral to bring you reliable, global, and integrated cloud communication solutions.

At Simoda, we partner with RingCentral because they are a leading global provider of Al-driven cloud business communications, contact centre, video, and hybrid event solutions. RingCentral empowers businesses with conversation intelligence and unlocks rich customer and employee interactions to provide insights and improve business outcomes.

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•   Delivered 5 consecutive years of 99.999% uptime. 
•    24/7 support across the world.


•    330+ third-party integrations. 
•    Fully integrated UC + CC.


•    46 countries with PTSN support.
•    Simple to scale size & locality.

Cost Effective

•    Save money on IT management & infrastructure. 
•    One provider for all UC + CC services.

RingCentral Portfolio


RingCX is an AI-first contact centre that’s simple to use and easy to deploy, creating a seamless customer experience for all.

RingCX brings together cutting-edge RingSense AI technology, omnichannel contact centre, and RingEX unified communications, delivering a next-generation AI-powered solution that is easy to deploy and transforms customer journeys across various touch points for personalised experiences.


RingSense provides conversation intelligence to unlock business insights. RingSense analyses customer interactions and provides intelligence your sales leaders have never had access to so they can better adapt, respond, and upskill to close deals more effectively. You can also automatically sync with your choice of CRM (HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics & more) to keep customer opportunities up-to-date and accurate.

RingCentral Webinar

RingCentral Webinar removes the complexities and headaches of webinar events for hosts, attendees, and panellists. Now, anyone can set up engaging, polished webinars for up to 10,000 attendees in seconds – no technical experience needed.
Available for up to 10,000 attendees, this simple webinar solution means attendees can join from anywhere, on any device, and any browser.


RingEX allows you to call, message, meet, and more all on one platform. RingEX will allow you to combine all your communication streams into one platform, simplifying workstreams and vendor management. Keep phone and video calls alive with global calling, voicemail, and immersive video that’s accessible on one single app via mobile, desktop or tablet. 

Smarter teamwork starts here. Embrace the future of work and use intelligent analytics to bring your workforce to life.

Powerful Dashboard Analytics

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Simoda's Summer Offer

Simoda's Summer Offer

Boost your business communications with RingCentral and Simoda!

Limited-time offer: Valid for orders placed in June, July & August 2024 only! Don't miss out on this chance to improve your business communications.


  • Tech fund can only be used on IT/telephony hardware or Simoda Professional Services.

  • Tech fund cannot be used to fund the implementation of the telephony solution or any associated hardware.

Contact Simoda today to learn more and unlock better communication for your business!

Here's what we're offering: 


  • New RingCentral customers qualify for a credit to spend on any Simoda services. Enhance your RingCentral solution with our IT expertise and professional services.

  • Minimum qualifying monthly spend: £250. This offer is designed to be accessible for businesses of all sizes.

  • Maximum tech fund value: £2,000. Get access to valuable credit to use on the IT and telephony solutions, as well as the professional services you need.

  • Credit applied 60 days after service activation. You'll be able to use your credit after a short period to get started with your Simoda services.

Secure Your Exclusive Access Now

Get up to £2000 credit on your Simoda account 

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