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Our Approach

Technology 1st strategy

Unlike our competitors we don’t have a traditional sales approach, we have a team of experienced and skilled technology experts (commercial and technical) who work together to help our customers.

Because of this we don’t operate a traditional sales structure where you would see a salesperson targeted to earn the business profit from sales to customers, instead we provide healthy basic salaries and a companywide profit share scheme.

This ensures our first focus is on finding & delivering the right technology to solve issues, address challenges and achieve business objectives.

Company wide profit share

We are proud to provide every employee within Simoda access to the company wide profit share scheme which delivers true team collaboration.

Our technology strategy

simoda simplify modernise and accelerate technology
Simoda winning best technology business award

We are Award Winning

We recently won Best Technology Business at the UnLTD Business Awards. Read our blog about that award here: 

Simoda Win Best Technology Business 

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