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Intelligent Automation

Success Story

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Industry / Training 


From their formation in 1994, over the last 28 years Premier Partnership have grown to become the most respected training company in the UK in delivering quality learning solutions, where organisations easily source every type of learning solution.
They endeavour to improve an organisations performance through learning and development. Drawing on years of experience of working with senior management, procurement and HR/L&D teams in public sector organisations and private companies, they aim to provide the best possible learning and development service.

Issues / Challenges

As the take-up of a particular course qualification expanded significantly, the requirement to manually transfer a range of delegates data points from their internal systems into the external partner portal of the qualification awarding body was becoming an increasingly time-consuming task.



To create an automation that would enable staff to have up to date and easy access to this important data.


Simoda created an Intelligent Automation solution that monitored an email account for submissions from the trainers passing on the results of course delegates. The automation firstly confirmed the delegate details to meet the awarding bodies required compliance checks, then transferred that information (and a range of other required data points), into the awarding bodies partner portal, allowing for the formal qualification to be awarded.

This automation met the required compliance checks for the awarding body and saved Premier Partnership c. 800 hours annually that was able to be deployed to higher value and more interesting work.

What our client had to say:

"Simoda supported us throughout this process. From initially helping the whole organisation understand the potential of Intelligent Automation and identify potential use cases, through scoping a strong pilot opportunity and finally delivering a managed solution. They worked closely with the process owner and other internal stakeholders, including IT. Following this positive experience, we are now looking at how we can work with Simoda to extend our use of Intelligent Automation across the broader business."

Chris Mouatt - Finance Director
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