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Internal View

How the organisations users interact with the systems, applications & services

By integrating voice, video, chat, contact center, and enterprise-class API solutions into one global, secure, reliable cloud communications platform, people are more connected and productive no matter where they are in the world.


For your organisation to deliver a successful communication platform It is critical to have clear understanding of the user & customer experience architecture.


Good user experience


Good customer experience


Successful business results 


External View


How customers / people outside of the organisation interact with the people, technology, products & services you provide 


UCaaS Solution Matrix

As a trusted advisor let us guide you through the vast amount of vendors, solutions & services that are around in todays crowded communications market place.

See a quick video of how we can help with a UCaaS dynamic matrix.

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CCaaS Solution Matrix

The modern cloud contact centre is more than just a single point of contact when customer services are required. Todays contact centre is dedicated to customer experience (CX) 

See a quick video of how we can help with a CCaaS dynamic matrix.


Omni Channel 
Customer Experience Solution With Talkdesk

Simoda are proud to partner with Talkdesk who are the leading cloud customer experience or CX solution vendor.

Talkdesk is a cloud based AI driven suite of applications which help you accelerate business processes, boost performance and enable a world class customer experience strategy without breaking sweat.



Why Omni Channel Approach to CX ?

86% of people use self service chat to start conversations

73% use 3 or more communication channels

Results & Outcomes When Adopting Talkdesk

19% average increase in CSAT scores

21% reduction in time to answer calls

20% increase in agent productivity

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Working on Stairs

Connect employees anytime, from anywhere on any device

Vonage Business Communications (VBC) activates conversations across voice, team messaging, meetings and more providing a unified communication experience with elevated Quality of Service (QoS)

Why Vonage ?

Powered by AWS
99.999% uptime
NOC running 24/7/365

Compliance frameworks including


River Thames, London

World Class Cloud Communications With 8x8

Our partnership with 8x8 started when we decided that it was the best fit solution for our needs, you know how the saying goes 'we eat our own dog food'.

Why 8x8 ?

8x8 are transforming the future of business communications by integrating voice, video, chat, contact centre & enterprise class API solutions into one global, secure, reliable cloud communications platform built for the modern business.

Benefits of 8x8

Secure & compliant data protection

One platform for all communications

Guaranteed reliability with no single point of failure

AI built into platform as standard

Global reach with local support

Team Meeting

Masergy Calling For 

Microsoft Teams

Simoda, network & communications partner Masergy offers a seamlessly integrated PSTN replacement solution for Microsoft Teams that delivers top-quality voice performance alongside cost efficiency.


The service is secured by encryption and delivered 100% from the cloud.


Not ready to move 100% to the cloud? No problem.


You can use your existing on-premise PBX system, leveraging Masergy’s SIP Trunking hardware to integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Key features 

Secure cloud based PSTN 100% cloud

One click voice calls from Teams

Compatible with all 365 apps

Network & voice performance analytics 

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Download the Nemertes Research paper here


Research & Analytics

The rate of change in IT and telecoms is the highest its ever been in history and continues to accelerate. CIO's and IT departments are seeing their scope increase as the breadth of their responsibilities grows and reaches into all aspects of the enterprise.

They're tasked with supporting infrastructure, line of business applications and providing value to the organisation and its internal stakeholders all while keeping the lights on and the bad actors out.

"Your job is hard enough so it is our responsibility to provide you with the information you need to make technology decisions that make a positive impact on your business"

Daniel Bumby, Simoda, Managing Director

Download the latest CCaaS
6-12 report

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Our reports focus on today’s most disruptive technologies, where the pace of change is rapid. These companies or technologies, which may have been relatively anonymous just a few years ago, have now emerged as highly viable solutions to resolve the business needs that led to their creation. They have, in effect, disrupted the IT landscape, which is well known for its accelerating pace of change and innovation.


The 6-12 Report is designed to provide enterprise technology leaders with a contemporary and relevant overview of the featured subject for the next 6 to 12 months.


Each subject is selected based on its opportunity for adopting companies to realise competitive advantages within their particular industry, market space, or company size.

Download the latest UCaaS
6-12 report

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Free industry reports

Success stories

Entering Keys
Work Desk

PBX To Cloud



Financial Services

Issue / Challenge / Objective

Traditional PBX out of support

Need for remote working

Low call quality & service



Consuming via opex saving 15% per month

Improved morale with flexible working

Significant savings made on business travel 

Sales & Service Improvements

Success stories



Issue / Challenge / Objective

Migration to Salesforce

Leadership demanding realtime performance analytics

Improve brand perception & CSATs



25% improvement in agent productivity

Happier staff

New successful products launches 

Success stories




Issue / Challenge / Objective

Covid 19 response

Reduction in business travel

Teams need access



50% increase in productivity 

Happier leadership team

Video Adoption

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