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Do you need a better understanding of effective IT planning and cost reduction?

Simoda are offering a limited amount of FREE IT Infrastructure Assessments
to IT Leaders

You can see how to right-size your existing environment, ensuring workloads live on the most cost-effective infrastructure possible.

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Put an end to:

Model workloads for cloud
Have better understanding for IT planning
Have control with data driven insights for simpler decision-making
Get instant data-driven insights across Edge to Cloud

Map your entire VMware infrastructure against current pricing and configuration options from the leading cloud providers.


Quickly and easily make data-supported decisions about the costs of running applications in the cloud — based on the actual resource needs of VMs.

Don’t just take our word for it here’s what our customer from CA Group had to say...

“With Simoda’s free IT Infrastructure assessment I was able to make decisions based on facts”

“Our environment had grown over several years at speed, we did not really know where we were at with the tooling we had. We had a few bottlenecks within our infrastructure we could not figure out, when the assessment was running Simoda identified we had VMs clashing with other VMs. This was causing issue with workloads not performing correctly, now we had this information we could do something about it (rather than just throw money at buying more memory). This helped me and my team improve the systems our end users were complaining about without any costs.

“I was also looking at an infrastructure replacement project. In the past, my internal team and I would have to guess what we would need today and for the next 5 years.


Building this out was pretty much finger in the air and trying to get all the information for growth from the business was very difficult. These plans were always discussed with the MD and FD, which was questioned and inevitably, my budget was less than what I needed. With help from Simoda and the tooling, we built our next infrastructure requirements. This was built on facts, not guess work. Building out the servers and storage requirements with actual facts was a refreshing change. Growth wise, it was still finger in the air, but we answered that with going for a consumption model from the vendor.”

Here’s how it works...

Simoda’s market-leading, intelligent partner tool collects and analyzes fine-grained resource utilization data from each VM, and determines the precise resources that each VM needs to perform its job.

If you’d rather speak to someone, please call us on and ask for Lee Wragg, our IT Infrastructure Specialist or email:

Since 2019, Simoda have been a leading IT and technology solutions and services provider, focused on simplifying, modernising and accelerating digital transformation and IT solutions for business.

Based in the heart of heritage-rich Kelham Island, Sheffield, we work with our customers to help them drive real business outcomes with the use of new technology and innovative solutions.

We provide our customers with a wide range of services including IT strategy and consulting, cyber security, cloud computing, data analytics, and IT hardware. Simoda’s team of subject matter experts is focused on delivering innovative solutions to help our clients stay ahead of the curve and succeed in today's digital economy.

Our commitment to the highest standards of quality and excellence with a technology first approach, has enabled us to deliver successful results to our customers in alignment with their IT strategy through Capex, Opex or Managed Services provision.

Simoda customers include Broadacres, Boohoo, William Lee, NHS CCG’s (Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Bassetlaw) IMI mobile, CA Group, AMRC and Kier.

Who are Simoda?

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