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Let's talk about Data Intelligence

Simoda is a business intelligence company. We believe that building Data Intelligence value is a journey, from building a firm foundation in terms of strategy and management, through analysis and understanding to exploring the emerging possibilities of intelligent automation technologies.

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Our Data Intelligence Framework has 3 key stages:


Data Services

Firm Foundations


BI & Analytics

Advanced Understanding


Intelligent Automation

Smarter not harder

We have created the
Simoda Data Intelligence Whitepaper
and are providing this you for free!

Key Highlights:


  • 75% of companies are focused on automation, upskilling & deploying advanced tech such as A.I

  • Importance of data governance

  • Value of keeping the human in the loop

  • 72% increase in use of the Microsoft Power Platform year on year


By using IDWs to complete certain appropriate tasks and processes within the organisation it frees up your people's time (the most valuable resource you have) – working Smarter NOT harder and doing more with less.

Improved data accuracy
& consistency

Intelligent automation can help ensure that data is collected, processed, and analysed in a consistent and accurate manner. This can help improve the quality of insights generated from the data.


Both for staff who have fewer monotonous jobs to perform and for customers who can receive a better, faster service (24/7/365).

Watch our first webinar that dives into effective Database Management 

Watch our second webinar on effective BI & Analytics

Watch our third webinar on understanding Intelligent Automation

Interested in what Data Intelligence can do for you and want to know more?


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