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A strange end to a fantastic first year

When I registered Simoda last year I didn’t think that our first financial year would end with our team working from home under a government lockdown because of a virus caused by people eating bats in the far east (disclaimer here, this might not be true, but I do know that it isn’t 5G) and for people that know me, eating bats is definitely not on my radar, unless they are on a sandwich with no butter.

I am so proud that our team have reached the 1st year milestone because I know some people thought it wouldn’t happen, I would also like to say we are 1 year old and have a very good and healthy OP, growing our team & have built relationships with organisations that will drive us forward, In fact proud doesn’t cut the mustard I am ecstatic with how things have gone and with the plans we have for the new year ahead.

So what have we learnt over the last 12 months ?

1, don’t eat bats

2, be open to ideas

3, stick to your values because that’s why you are successful

4, do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do

5, put others before yourself

6, red white & black are the best company colours you can have

7, don’t get too low about the lows

8, don’t get too high about the highs

9, key to success is through partnerships

10, always be learning because new is the new normal

Lastly I would like to thank everyone who has made our 1st year journey as exciting and successful as possible, I’m not going to turn this into an Oscars style acceptance speech on here, you know who you are and we will have a celebratory drink once the whole coronavirus nightmare is over, I might even throw in a bat buffet (not)

A very ecstatic & proud MD of an amazing company

Here’s to many more years of success.


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