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AI, The key to success is through an open understanding of what is possible

Thursday evening I had the pleasure of spending time at the Barclays AI Frenzy event which was hosted at the fabulous Kollider building in Sheffield.

Now I must state that the event did have the perks of beer & pizza but that is not the only reason I attended (honestly).

The event was in conjunction with an organisation called The Datatrainer, who’s founder Tim Latham; I met during one of the Sheffield Digital Geek Breakfasts which are held every Friday morning in the Tamper coffee shop on Arundel street in Sheffield.

What I liked about Tim from the first time I met him was although he is working in a very technical space (AI) he spoke with a calmness, assurance and most of all he was passionate about his subject matter, something that I know business leaders strive for when they engage with a business partner.

The aim of the event was to ‘demystify & educate’ and included presentations from Tim himself and organisations who are doing great things with AI or are helping drive the adoption.

· Innovate UK

· TechUK

· Jaywing

· AI Tech North

My thoughts on the whole development of AI & ML is similar to businesses embracing the cloud, we still have a long way to go to break down the barriers before widespread adoption.

Barriers to AI adoption

· Awareness

· Complexity Data (amount & type)

· Knowledge

· Other priorities

· Perceived high costs

· Unclear ROI

· It’s just a big company thing

Is AI just todays marketing version of cloud 5 years ago ?

In the marketing boom of ‘cloud’ everything that could have the word cloud associated to it did. icloud, vcloud, ccloud & even ecloud although ecloud is a vape business and not tech related !!

However using data, information & learning experiences to make decisions is nothing new, as a species we have been doing this a long time, how many times have you said or heard a parent warn a child from touching something, (ohhhhh burney, no no no you will hurt yourself) this is a human way of learning. Sometimes you are even encouraged to let them fall over because ‘they won’t do it again’.

Fail first to succeed second as they say.

AI technology does exactly the same thing, it learns from mistakes, patterns, behaviours, actions.

Call it the training program for the future, it will benefit us all across multiple sectors and use cases.

The next stage is to show practically how AI can be used in a business to deliver results and I know a great way to position that, you could say……….

Simplify - make it easy

Modernise - make it modern

Accelerate - deliver results quickly

In summary

AI is nothing to fear, yes it will change the role that humans have in the future and it will make some jobs redundant but the benefits far outweigh the negatives and it will enhance the lives of all of us and honestly AI already is doing this now.

So much so that AI wrote this blog *

* sorry no it didn't dAnIel did

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