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Forget Gartner magic quadrant, it is all about the Simoda magic circles

So let's get straight to the point, we are not saying don't use Gartner, far from it , what we are saying is that choosing a solution / vendor / technology via a Gartner magic quadrant alone is not a guarantee of success.

Whenever we are looking into a technology offering, product, solution or service we always match against the Simoda value framework.

This is a way of ensuring anything we promote, go to market with or support is fit for purpose and ultimately adds value to all parties.

The Simoda Value Framework

This is not only a dam good framework but also shows our commitment to helping business leaders and IT teams

  • Solve issues

  • Address challenges

  • Achieve objectives

Through technology that must deliver

Commercial Value

If it doesn't make the business money or save the business money then why even consider it ?

Technical Value

Clear technical value can be acheived and most importantly demonstrated.

Emotional Value

Sometimes this is one which is missed because you end up talking about how fantastic the developers code skills are. All well and good but if you can achieve emotional value such as spending less time working weekends and you get chance to spend that time with the family then we think this is very important.

This is something I feel very passionately about and critical to the success of Simoda our customers & the vendors / partners we work with.

Next time you are looking at something ask yourself 'how does it compare against the Simoda framework?'

Or speak to us first and let our fantastic team help you.

Daniel Bumby

MD - Simoda

0114 553 3600

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