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FYI, CIO’s ❤️ AI & ML API’s for DI & BI

Ok if you understood the title of the blog read on because this is the post for you !!

The technology sector has been a rife with acronyms for years and years I mean no one can get by without a good SLA on your SAN and make sure you adhere to GDPR with up to date EPP & MFA so that you can access SaaS easily.

When I first started in technology sector it was hard to get round all the acronyms that were banded around, conversations with businesses always included:










I remember trying to understand this complex language that was often used by people who wanted you to think they were more intelligent than you were and when in conversations with customers they would raise their voices when using what I will call the language of the ‘early IT account manager’

Ok so where are we today ?

Well we are no further on when thinking about the use of acronyms in the technology sector, I am as guilty as charged when talking technology with a fellow tech enthusiast, however now we talk about BI, AI, ML with API’s.

This unfortunately is the language of the times and one that will be around for a long time, but what I will say is that I have had personal success when having honest and grounded conversations with business leaders & IT teams about business challenges and objectives without having to drop in an well placed acronym.

Anyway the title of this blog actually does make sense if you remove the acronym language.

FYI, CIO’s ❤️ AI & ML API’s for DI & BI

While engaging with IT leaders I often talk about innovative & disruptive technologies such as AI, ML, DI & BI (sorry Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Intelligence & Business Intelligence) and most IT leaders see the value in those strategies and technologies but are cautious about cost and complexity of embracing them.

However in today’s technology driven world you dont need a large in house development team, there are many ways to engage with these strategic technologies including specialist 3rdparty specialists, managed services & the vast amount of pre-built templates & API’s that enable the adoption of the these game changing advancements.

Templates, guides & partners can help build and deliver advanced AI, ML, DI & BI applications around the key platforms such as:

· Vision

· Language

· Predictive Forecasting

The advancements we are going to see over the next 10 years will be amazing and I for one can’t wait to help businesses embrace the concepts, strategy & adoption of such technologies.

Want to chat about how acronyms can help your business?

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