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Get to know AWS hybrid cloud storage architectures

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We see more and more businesses turning to hybrid architecture as a way of adopting cloud while retaining control. As organisations grapple with the modern data center's increased complexity, they rely on the cloud to add capacity, deliver more on-demand services, migrate applications and eliminate manual provisioning.

Most enterprises also want to keep important applications and sensitive data on premises when necessary, but they need the architectures, management systems and workflow processes like the ones they use for their cloud deployments.

Over time, the increased viability of hybrid cloud deployments has helped solve many of these challenges. IT teams can now blend on-premises assets with public cloud services in one network space.

We help businesses consume public cloud services such as AWS & Azure but it is very important that we help our customers understand what specialised tools and resources Amazon provide that make an AWS hybrid cloud approach viable and scalable.

AWS have fantastic hybrid cloud storage features and capabilities, including:

  • AWS Storage Gateway

  • AWS Outposts

  • AWS Snowball

  • AWS DataSync

  • Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS)

  • VMware Cloud on AWS

Which is the best fit for you ?

That depends on the application workload and compliance requirements, but that is true for all compute workloads.

Our team are happy to talk and help guide you along the hybrid journey.

We might even throw in some free management tools !!!!!!!

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