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I’d rather tether to my mobile……..

This must be one of the most common things said in business at the moment including:

  • The corporate wifi is sh#t

  • The IT team are useless because the internet connection isn’t fast enough

  • Can someone put another 50p in the meter (I am old enough to remember putting 50p’s in the TV for it to work)

Simple thing to do is to make sure you have the right Internet connection

A surprisingly low 40% of business users said their Internet is holding them back.

I read a research paper where people were asked a series of questions around emerging technologies, and significant number of people said:

My biggest complaint is my Internet connection and slow laptop. What I want is reasonable speed Internet, I find I am wasting time at work, being unproductive and it’s frustrating.

It sounds simple, but without it, any technology will be impacted. Employees must have all the right tools in place, so they and the business can both benefit.

Start by checking you have a reliable connection, which has enough bandwidth.

Good news, we have seen recent price drops in the wholesale cost of connectivity so there is a good chance that you can increase your internet speed and save money at the same time.

We are advising businesses to use the saving to re-invest into more cloud services which will be available due to the increase in bandwidth.

If you’d like any advice on reviewing your service, let us know.

It is as simple as giving us your postcode & requirements and we do the rest.

Interested ?

Contact Cameron Lambert on 0114 281 5973 or email

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