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In love with our new home

As midnight struck on New Years eve 2019 I didn't think that 2020 would see our country in a national lockdown and wipe 20% off our GDP because of a world wide virus pandemic !

Also did I think we would be moving to a new office after 18 months ?

Easy answer is no !!

Early days

After a few months of working from a room in my house (which is now the granddaughters nursery) we reached out to Tom Wolfenden the CEO at Sheffield Technology Park on Arundel street & Sheffield tech growth advisor Morgan Killick to ask for guidance and help along our journey.

Within a few weeks we had settled into an office in the STP, enjoying the Sheffield Digital Geek breakfasts at the Tamper cafe and starting to build our network.

Honestly I cannot praise the team at STP enough for all the help they have given us during our time there. It is sad that we are leaving but when im talking about our journey on the world tour in years to come I will be sure to invite Tom onto the stage at the O2 to tell his side of our journey.

As we embark on the next stage of our journey I hope they will be keeping an eye on our development and smiling with pride, as a father does when their child finally flees the nest.

If you are thinking about starting up a tech business yourself then Tom Wolfenden is the man to speak with. The help and guidance you will receive is world class.

I would also like to thank Gary and the team at The Red Lion, fantastic service with a smile and we will still make a journey there for a drink in the future.

Importance of the next step

When we first decided to check the market for new office space we all agreed, in order to fit with our values we needed somewhere that would provide a good work life balance.

We have all worked on industrial estates at the edge of town where everyone finishes work and disappears home, even on a Friday, frankly that isn't the type of business we wanted Simoda to be.

Interesting place to work

Work is work and play is play but I feel in todays busy connected world it is important to enjoy your job & have a smile on your face because it makes us feel good, also feeling good at work will improve productivity and as they say......

Enjoy your job and you will never work another day in your life

Always had to be Kelham

After our first trip to visit office space in Kelham we knew it was going to be our home. I have had many trips to the pubs in Kelham (even though I drink lager not warm craft beer) and it never crossed my mind to locate our HQ to there until we saw the creative spaces close up.

The feeling we all had about the space and the area made us fall in love with Kelham and we set our hearts and minds on building our business there.

The History

Kelham Island is one of the oldest industrial sites in Sheffield. In the 1800s, industries began to spring up in the Kelham area and Kelham Island itself became a host for all kinds of manufacturers.

Our home is The Eagle Works. Opened in 1830 by Charles & Samuel Peach & Co who used the works to refine steel before they moved to a new factory in 1864.

In 1930 the building was occupied by Ibbotson Brothers who produced files and razor blades until it became the Horseman Works in 1948 when W A Tyzack made home in both Horseman & Green Lane Works.

The Lathe Hall

The area's creative spaces is leading to a group of growing digital, creative & tech businesses, our neighbours include Uber Agency, Pendo & the fantastic Domo restaurant, which we highly recommend and I'm sure will be high on our expenses lists.

We are located in The Lathe Hall and we will be proud to show the history of the building and retain the industrial feel to our office space while making it practical for modern daily work. (social distancing of course)

We would love to invite people to an office opening party but due to current situation we are unable to do this but hopefully we can do this soon.

Our Mission

Is simple and clear.

Help business leaders & IT teams
Solve business issues
Address business challenges
Achieve business objectives

We do this with the help of technology products, solutions, services & partnerships.

This will not change and only be enhanced by our move.

What is next ?

Well a lot of hard work that is for sure but hopefully when we get through the madness we are in at the moment we will be able to launch our TAB evening.

TAB stands for Technology Ale Business.

A social gathering coming to a pub in Kelham near you (when were allowed more than 6)

Thanks for reading

Ive said this before 'A proud MD of a fantastic company'

Interested in being part of our team ?

Get in touch today


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