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Is the unknown is holding you back?

It is part of human nature to be cautious when you are faced with something you don’t quite understand, this inbuilt reaction is amplified when looking at moving to a new technology platform.

This is perfect for me and my team at Simoda because our job is to help understand the objectives & highlight the challenges that will be faced along the way.

Never more so has this been the case than with the adoption of cloud.

We see that organisations migrating from traditional data centres to cloud-based infrastructures have to predict resources based on the size of an application and the number of times it’s used. They must also determine if workloads are compatible with their cloud services as well as ensuring that quality of service remains a top priority.

We follow a really simple process here that has been successful for many years (so why change it)

Working with our partners we can access valuable tools that will ensure a proper fit at the time of purchase and critically all the way throughout the lifecycle of a business’s cloud infrastructure.

Key to success is providing cloud services based on individual workloads, application groups and entire production sites with flexible and predictable pricing.

Our assessment / planning service will help estimate service costs per month and ad hoc periods. And a network analysis ensures the feasibility of backup, disaster recovery and migration use cases.

If this is your first time in cloud or you are moving along the journey towards a cloud 1st strategy by adding more workloads & applications the last thing you need to worry about is how good your estimated requirements are, remember a guess is a guess and you can get lucky but is it worth the risk when looking at your production environment and ensuring it is capable of delivering.

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