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Look before you leap ? of course you should !

If you are looking to make a substantial purchase in most cases you are going to spend some time doing your research, whether it be a house, car, new phone or holiday the time spent researching will pay dividends when it comes to the value you receive from that purchase.

Now in business this is exactly the same, however in most cases on a much larger scale.

Over the many years I have spent in the technology channel I have been heavily involved in infrastructure design, refresh & consolidation projects and everyone of those projects have had their own distinct challenges.

Top 5 infrastructure project challenges

  • Over specification / over provisioning

  • Storage IO & performance differences

  • Virtualisation sprawl

  • Under resourcing

  • Moving goal posts

With the introduction of public cloud resources the already complex infrastructure refresh project becomes uber complex. As well as a clear understanding of the business objectives every successful project also should have a clear understanding of the current environments position.

Environment position

  • Hardware analysis

  • Licensing & inventory

  • Storage capacity

  • Cluster health

  • IO contentions

  • Application dependencies

I believe that not understanding the environments position you are definitely leaping before looking, and that can only lead to one thing, when I was a young lad I remember being told by my parents on lets say more than one occasion to look where I was going, this usually ended with me in pain until I had learned to look before leaping.

I would say that most businesses will have some sort of analysis prior to building a project scope but it still surprises me just how many infrastructure investments, especially in the public cloud are made with limited research. This will lead to challenges I have highlighted above.

How we help you look before you leap

Simoda Infrastructure Assessment Service uses a SaaS-based Big Data analytics platform for virtualised infrastructures it provides our consultants and your team with data-driven insights to improve IT performance, ROI, and data protection through analysis of IT metadata. The service allows correlation of various types of data, advanced analytics, modelling, and comparison of metrics and statistics against those derived from a global customer base.

Infrastructure assessment use cases

  1. Looking to move data or applications to the cloud

  2. Planning for an infrastructure refresh

  3. Understand workload costs in the public cloud

  4. Health check existing infrastructure environment

  5. Understand application architecture

Improving planning

In order to determine where IT investment is needed, you must have comprehensive visibility into where resources are currently over and under utilised and be able to run simulations on the impact of different future investment scenarios.

  • What would be the impact of moving to the cloud?

  • Am I wasting space in my environment?

Reducing or avoiding operational hazards

You cannot defend well against what you do not know. The Simoda infrastructure assessment service dynamically analyses your infrastructure, compares it against known best practices and hazards, and offers insights into where you face potential exposure to failures and external attacks.

  • Where are you susceptible to known outages caused by conflicts between components in your infrastructure?

  • What is your exposure to vulnerabilities?

  • Where are you misconfigured in ways that might increase the risk of an outage?

Maximising performance

Is your infrastructure free from latency and contention while providing all the performance your users need? If you are like almost all IT professionals, the answer is probably an emphatic “No.” One of the biggest challenges in maximising performance is identifying the sources of bottlenecks.

Free 2 hour consultancy session

Once the data is collected a technical consultant will assess the data extracted and will schedule a free 2 hour consultancy session with your infrastructure team and based upon your use case requirements we will provide the appropriate report. As part of the agreement we will share basic access to the software which will allow you to see the data for yourself.

We are happy to engage with you and your team and help you build a business case for infrastructure investments, we totally understand that to deliver a successful infrastructure project we have to work together as a team, you could say we are the parents telling you to watch where you are going. (don’t step in……………….)

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