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Managing the data better will cut costs

'We need to reduce our storage costs', is a common response when we speak with our customers on what challenges they currently have.

Why ?

The growth of unstructured data across the business, longer backups and applications architectures that require performance storage are some of the reasons that storage costs are rising.

We start by looking at the data and question 'how can the data be managed better to deliver results needed'.

Want to know more ?

Register for the Komprise webinar on Wednesday 9th of September @ 2pm

On the webinar, learn how you can:

- Analyse data usage and costs across silos and accounts to inform decisions - Efficiently manage your data lifecycle to cut costs - Transparently archive cold data without affecting user access - Save 40%+ of monthly storage and backup costs

There will also be a live demo of Komprise on AWS (which is a great insight into how valuable to solution is)

If you would like to attend please complete the below form to secure your place

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