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Match your music to the task

When working from home one of the rules I follow (caveat here; I do also part own 2 record labels & produce music myself) is to ensure the music you have on in the background fits the task in hand.

Think about it, when you are pottering about on a Sunday morning cleaning the house you reach for the Sunday morning Spotify playlist, not me I would go for 125 bpm melodic techno mix but that's me !!

The same principle fits when you're 'working' from home.

Make sure the music fits the task, don't go for slow jams if you want to be productive, also I would suggest not to listen to oldies, because your mind will slip into 'remember this one' mode.

The simple rules are

  • Will it help me feel better

  • Will it distract me

  • Can I complete the job in hand

If you liked my ramble here stay tuned for some more insightful working from home posts during this lockdown period.

If you want to discuss what music you should be listening to or how we can help your business during the uncertain times ahead please get in touch and lets chat.


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