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Microsoft are ending Open licensing

Linkedin is awash with IT providers telling everyone the same message. "Hey everyone did you know that Microsoft are ending the Open licensing program".

In typical Simoda fashion we are going to focus on the outcomes & benefits rather than tell you what Microsoft want you to hear.

Ok so the program is ending, why I can hear you cry.

Simple really, they are moving with the times and looking to drive businesses towards the recurring revenue model, something that is common place in the channel for vendors and resellers alike.

We think it is a good move if handled properly because the CSP model has come through its teething problems and now offers good value for all.


  • Less complexity

  • Increased flexablity


  • Opex forecasting for improved cashflow

This is all part of the Microsoft Enhanced Commerce Experience drive and all of this fits perfectly with the Simoda strategy of successful digital transformation (User Experience, Customer Experience & Business Performance)

Keep your eyes peeled for more info on successful digital transformation.

If you want to discuss how the Microsoft changes will impact your business then get in touch with one of our team today for some sensible uncomplicated advice.

Reach out to us on social, email or good old telephone

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