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New Windows DNS Sever Vulnerability

They say that knowledge is the key to everything so our team are making sure we update customers via our social media platforms with any interesting items or technology news / issues we see.

In late July, a new vulnerability (CVE-2020-1350) affecting all versions of Windows DNS Servers was discovered by the threat intelligence team at our security partner Alert Logic.

If exploited, the vulnerability - which sports the highest possible criticality rating (10.0) - allows an attacker to trigger remote code execution and spread malware to other vulnerable machines, effectively giving the attacker complete control of these machines.

If you are using Windows DNS, ensure you have patched the vulnerability. If you haven't, speak to us because there is a wider security conversation to be had.

Questions to ask yourself

Is your existing security supplier making you aware of such issues?

Do you have a patching schedule in place?

Do you need support to manage these measures?

Interested in security then watch the below and get in touch

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