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Partnerships 1st & supply chain excellence, it’s the Simoda way

Anyone that knows me will already know that I value vendor & supplier relationships as much as key customer relationships. Often businesses concentrate on the revenue generating customer experience and simply play lip service to the vendors and supply chain.

Partnerships 1st

Back at the start of Simoda (2019) myself and co founder Jason Garner had a vision of how we should develop our business, we both agreed that putting true value into our vendor & supplier relationships was the best way Simoda would accelerate our growth.

This made the progression and early development very slick and easy, this was until we almost became too successful for our own good. Every vendor wanted a piece of us, lots of suppliers wanted us to choose them as main a supply route. Obviously we couldn’t please everyone but due to our initial strategy of building good close working relationships with our vendor and supplier partners we managed to steer clear of any major challenges.

Fast forward to just over a month ago and the awesome Omar Waine joined Simoda as our Vendor & Procurement Manager from our of our local competitors. I had the pleasure of working with Omar in a previous role and loved his passion for success and his experience was just what we needed.

Vendor & Procurement Manager - Omar Waine

As a business leader I have a strategic objective and our fantastic team here at Simoda are driving our business on to achieve above and beyond what we thought was achievable in the time we have had, when we started the business.

Partnerships 1st

The success of Simoda will live or die by our approach to customer, vendor & supplier relationships, Omar is driving the partnerships 1st strategy, as MD this is music to my ears.

We are not a flyby night provider who will simply do one deal and walk away, if we are in we are in for the long haul, as our Technology Solutions Director Lee Wragg says BDaaS (if you know you know !!!!)

Supply chain excellence

If we are going to continue our fantastic development we need a good strong supply chain, however gone are the days that suppliers are just there to beat up on pricing or complain when something goes wrong. We are committed to driving supply chain excellence and this means that we will continue to build relationships with the suppliers who are equally committed to delivering a sustainable supply chain.

Excited for the future

If you have ever met me you will know I am usually a glass half full type of person, yes I know that a pessimist is never disappointed but we have so much going for us currently that we look to the future with excitement.

I am over the moon that Omar has grabbed his role with both hands and is already delivering success

If you are a vendor or supplier and are interested in working with Simoda please get in touch with Omar, however please remember we don’t just work with anyone, we only work with organisations we trust, our reputation and performance is something we believe you should value as much as we do.

Thanks for reading


A proud MD of a fantastic company

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