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Simoda interview HPE about data driven I.T capacity on demand

On a glum autumn Friday morning I had the pleasure of interviewing Reuben Melville, the worldwide category manager for HPE GreenLake. Now if you are a regular to blog posts you will know I have spoken about the HPE GreenLake proposition on a few different occasions.

HPE CEO Antonio Neri talks about the value he believes HPE GreenLake will provide to businesses looking for cloud economics from on-prem as a service infrastructure capacity

We help clear up the confusion around the cloud journey

In the interview we talk about the HPE vision, data driven world and why the HPE GreenLake offering is the a sensible option for businesses of any size.

If you are:

  • Looking to refresh your infrastructure

  • Want to know how your infrastructure is performing

  • Understand issues you might have

Watch the video here or watch on our YouTube channel

To learn more about what HPE GreenLake can do for your business get in touch today and one of our technical consultants can provide you with a free VMware infrastructure assessment.

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