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Simoda predict that 2020 will be the year of learning

I can’t believe that it is 20 since we were partying like its 1999 and we all celebrated the dawn of a new millennium with the hope of a bright new future, yes we have come a long way since those days and the speed evolution in the last 5 years has been phenomenal however we still have lots of the same challenges that we had back then, but looking forward we should be very excited about the opportunities and possibilities that are ahead of us.

As we move into a new decade what do you think will happen ?

I will stick my neck out here and say that I’m quite sure that by 2029 Brexit will have been completed (possibly 😂)

What I no for definite is that the key to success is through an open understanding of what is possible and this is where I believe that 2020 becomes the year of learning.

Everyday we learn something new, however small, however insignificant it might seem at the time every bit of extra knowledge will make a difference.

Over many years I have engaged with different people about technology, some who are far superior in terms of subject matter knowledge than I am and others that I hope my engagement with them helped them see a different perspective when making technology business decisions.

Our commitment for 2020 is to continue and help our customers solve business issues,

address business challenges and help achieve business objectives and be the trusted advisor that makes the industry work for them.

Thank you for what has been a fantastic 2019 and here’s to an amazing transformational 2020.


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