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Simoda with Deep Instinct

Recently our MD Daniel Bumby had the pleasure of chatting to Graham Howton of disruptive cyber security vendor Deep Instinct in our latest Simoda with interview.

If you have not watched any of the Simoda with series then.... why the hell not ?

Anyway what is Simoda with ?

Simoda with is a series of quick interviews with vendors & partners where we try and get underneath the flashy marketing to understand the value their technology solutions provide to our customers.

More about Deep Learning in the video below.

In this session Daniel & Graham discuss deep learning in cyber security, the 3 P's and what support Simoda & Deep Instinct will provide your business with.

You can watch the session from here or click through to watch on our website or YouTube channel.

If you are looking to modernise your cyber security posture then get in contact today and let our specialists take you through the cyber security strategy workshop.

Thanks for reading & watching


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