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The events & entertainment industry need help

I really feel for the events & entertainment industry at the moment, It looks like these are the businesses that are genuine losers in all of the covid-19 pandemic.

This will have a knock on effect across lots of sectors including ours. Technology is key, Hardware, Software & Services all play a part to an industry that contributes over £5bn a year to the economy.

Ok so I have vested interest in the events & entertainment industry as I am part owner of 2 record labels and part of 2 artist /DJ duo's (Dan & Dan, GoldRed) and have lots of close friends who rely on the sector to earn a living.

The UK government must do more to help and quickly or we will see our favourite events, festivals, bands, Dj's all fall by the wayside.

What can the technology sector do to help ?

Not really sure other than help the businesses in the industry save money on services consumed and help find funding if needed.

How are we dealing with it (the record labels & our artist work)?

We keep releasing tracks and doing remixes but at some point surely there will be a reduction in the demand for music made for dancing in a club to !!

Live streams are ok to maintain the interest in music but nothing quite gets the blood pumping than a full sweaty dance floor, a 4 x 4 beat, High hats, snare drum, sub bass & synth arp.

I for one stand with the events and entertainment industry in shouting loud for help.

Please continue to support your favourite artists, they need you more than ever at the moment. (self promotion coming below)

Barbershop Recordings

64K Recordings

GoldRed (house music)

Dan & Dan (techno music)

Venues, artists, musicians, producers, dancers, singers, lighting engineers

Keep the faith


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