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Top 10 cloud adoption challenges

Over the past 5 years the adoption of cloud technologies has seen a dramatic rise and it seems like a new cloud service, tool or application is launched every minute.

The amount of choice available to business leaders and IT teams today is frightening, couple this with even the smallest business having the capability to adopt technology that was at one time only available to the upper enterprise sector and you would think that adoption would be easy.

However this is quite the opposite and the pace of change is just adding fuel to the fear of cloud fire !

In working with our customers, vendors and partners we have compiled a top 10 cloud adoption challenges that we are addressing today.

1. Lack of knowledge & skills

2. Security fears

3. Compliance regulations

4. Migration (who, how, when, where)

5. Vendor lock in

6. Integration with existing legacy systems

7. Complexity of control & management

8. Cost management

9. Job security

10.Trust in relationship / partner

If you are having any of the above challenges then we would love to help

No pressure just get in touch and let’s see where we can help you on your journey

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