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Top 7 business value highlights businesses are realising by adopting Google cloud

In this blog post I'm going to share some of the insights that came out of an IDC Google cloud report I read, It highlights the top 7 business value highlights businesses are realising by adopting the Google cloud platform.

Simoda are Google cloud partners and we are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of businesses (not just education) that are turning to Google for their infrastructure & data requirements not just workspace.

Let's jump in to some of the detail

IDC conducted in-depth interviews with small and medium-sized businesses using Google Cloud Platform to understand its impact on their businesses, IT operations, and costs.

Interviewed customers described achieving strong value with Google Cloud Platform by obtaining the performance, reliability, and scalability their businesses require on a cloud platform that is cost effective and efficient to operate.

Based on these interviews, IDC calculates that these Google customers will achieve average benefits worth $1.09 million per interviewed SMB ($103,200 per $1 million in annual revenue) by:

Empowering application development teams through improved infrastructure agility, scalability, flexible capacity, and other built-in platform functionality

Enabling business growth by having an IT infrastructure that allows for addressing and expanding revenue opportunities

Maximising the value of IT staff time by leveraging automation, embedded technologies, and Google support

Optimising IT infrastructure costs through platform functionalities such as autoscaling and technologies such as the Google Kubernetes Engine

Overview of the Google cloud platform

Just as the other hyperscalers do Google Cloud Platform offers a wide array of cloud computing services. Big question does it work ? well lets just say they eat their own dog food because Google uses GCP to power end-user products such as Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Search.

This includes services like compute, storage, networking, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), which, along with embedded management tools, can be used to develop, test, and deploy new applications and features quickly.

A brief description of some of the core services offered as part of Google Cloud Platform are as follows:

Compute: Includes Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Run, and Kubernetes Engine to create virtual environments that can be used for application development and orchestration in a container or serverless environment

Storage and databases: Includes Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Firestore, Bigtable, Spanner, and Memorystore to provide relational and NoSQL database services supported by storage that is secure, fast, and scalable

Networking: Includes Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud VPN, Cloud Load Balancing, Cloud CDN, and Network Intelligence Center to provide private and secure environments that are load balanced, caching content in the geos where end users are accessing applications by using Google’s global network, and a comprehensive platform to monitor, verify, and optimise the network across on premises and cloud

AI and machine learning (ML): Includes APIs such as Translation API, Vision API, and Speech-to-Text API, allowing businesses to add sight, language, conversation, and structured data into their applications, along with AutoML custom model development capabilities without needing ML expertise

Data analytics: Includes products and services such as BigQuery, Dataflow, Pub/Sub, Data Fusion, and Dataproc, which are fully managed and help customers make data-driven decisions while eliminating constraints on scale, performance, and cost, helping organisations accelerate innovation with ease

Security and identity: Includes services such as Cloud IAM for identity and access management, Cloud DLP for data protection, Cloud Armor for network security, and Security Command Center for vulnerability management and security monitoring to help customers comprehensively protect their cloud deployments

Top 7 business value highlights of Google cloud

222% three year ROI

36% lower three year cost of operations

16% higher revenue per organisation

8 months to payback on investment

41% more efficient IT teams

19% higher developer productivity

26% lower IT infrastructure costs

Google cloud is not just a good alternative to AWS or Azure but a serious contender when looking to modernise your businesses architecture & work practices


Have you or are you considering Google cloud ?

Where do you see Google in your environment ?

Download the IDC report here

Download PDF • 617KB

Once again thanks for taking the time to read.

If you would like to discuss how Google cloud can deliver these results for your business, reach out today and lets get a conversation started.

Many thanks


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