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Top local IT providers in the Sheffield area

We can all shout about how good we are as a business and I believe that Simoda are the perfect choice for business leaders & IT teams who want to Simplify Modernise & accelerate their business using technology. Well you must think this because you are reading this on our website, but in order to be fair we need to talk about our direct competition.

Sunny Sheffield


I was responsible for building the UK division of Highlander until 2017 so I have a good understanding of their value proposition, heavily Microsoft focused they have a really strong business and with the recent acquisition by Fluidone they will continue to have great strength in the connectivity & cloud space.


Millgate have been around for a long time, a robust long standing business with a strong end user compute and comms background, I had a short spell at Millgate driving technology decisions but they chose to go in a different direction and that is why Simoda was born so no hard feelings from me.


Always the big beast that gets bigger!. They have great presence across different areas, I still have friends that work their and I know their capabilities are endless.

CCS Media

Similar to the Insight monster, they are a machine, lots of great staff and a robust strategy, there offerings get stronger by the day, over 500 staff and a whopping £280m turnover they are not to be sniffed at.

The others

There are lots of other IT businesses in our area and I would be days listing them all on here, im sure a quick google search will show you who they are, however if you are reading from an IT provider and you want listing on here please drop me a line, I will be more than happy to add you to this blog.

The final summary of this blog is to talk about my fantastic team here at Simoda.

When we set out to build our business we wanted to take the best bits of previous experiences and put a technology 1st focus on it, this is why we committed to a non traditional sales structure and focus on technology rather than sales peoples profits.


Innovation + disruption = transformation

Thanks for reading.


A proud MD of a fantastic company

0114 553 3600

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