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Under the hood of machine learning

The basics of machine learning are simple, can something learn to do something after doing something……..

More confused ?

If you break down the structure of ML into 3 individual areas it becomes easier to understand and then easier to see where your business will benefit from ML.

Input Data Stage

To make decisions on information and employ machine learning you first need to input the data, for obvious reasons this is the ‘Input Data’ stage !!

Gathering structured and unstructured data into pools of data so that the ‘learning’ system can access.

Learning Stage

Machine learning is a technical discipline that aims to extract knowledge or patterns from a series of observations. There are different types of learning systems here that would drive the system of learning, Supervised & unsupervised, I think you can guess what they are.

Output Data Stage

Now if the ‘magic’ happens in the learning stage then this is where the magicians assistant appears in the box across the stage and in all honesty the bit that business leaders are interested in the most.

Presenting the output of the data in the best visual way possible and demonstrating that the investments made in the learning system are delivering true value.

Interested in what machine learning can do for your organisation then lets chat.

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