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Very happy to be voted AlertLogic 'Trusted advisor of the month'

Helping our customers address their Cyber Security challenges is all part of the Simoda value. Along that journey we have embarked on a relationship with security vendor AlertLogic.

From the very start we have built a great relationship and we have a clear understanding of the proposition and value.

I am very happy to hear we have been voted AlertLogic's Trusted Advisor of the month.

Right now I feel like a football manager who has managed to grab 3 home wins and a draw away at the league leaders. In my Sky Sports News interview I would be saying "I would like to thank my team for their efforts and most of all the AlertLogic team who support us on our journey".

Lets just hope we don't fall to the manager of the month curse !

Here is what AlertLogic have said about us.

Simoda is a sub-agent we began to engage with in mid-2020, following the initial impact of COVID-19 and the nationwide lockdown in UK.

As an IT services provider, they quickly recognized that the new normal can be hazardous for their customers and were introduced to Alert Logic to secure their customers’ in a worsening threat landscape.

In just a couple of months, the Simoda team has engaged really well and have taken the MDR value proposition to multiple customers; interactions which have generated sales opportunities and further engagement to discover new opportunities among their existing base, to meet their customers’ requirements for enhanced security.

A well-oiled partnership – great work Simoda!

Want to know more about AlertLogic or how Simoda can help you address your Cyber Security challenges ?

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Daniel 'a proud MD of a fantastic company'

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