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Want to see our VMware based IaaS in action ?

Simple quick blog, our team keep getting asked what does the VMware based IaaS cloud platform from iland look like to manage and operate ?

75% of the UK population are visual learners and would rather watch a video than read a book so instead of war and peace why not just share a video.

If you are in the remaining 25% please drop me a line and I will share one of the papers, only on pdf though not in hardback sorry.

We also get asked why should I work with Simoda when consuming iland services ?

  • Additional support from our team

  • Complimentary solutions

  • Volume discounts over direct

  • Professional services

If you want to discuss how your applications & services will look delivered in IaaS or arrange a dedicated demo just get in touch.

Call us on 0114 553 3600

Or email us


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