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When it comes to Coronavirus we demand a single source of the truth NOW

While watching the governments Covid-19 briefing yesterday I kept thinking to myself that we are not following the most basic of rules when looking at data analysis.

‘Single source of the truth’

While multiple data sets are being analysed to provide the public with facts we are missing out a group of data that would make a huge difference to the outlook of the country.

Now im not a health expert however I know that when looking at data you should always seek a single source of truth.

Meaning all data relevant to the analysis should be gathered together and analysed in one structured group to ensure consistent pattern analysis.

The governments figures should include every death recorded in hospital or care home if related to Covid-19.

This is like showing the premier league table at the end of the season without the teams results against any of the London based clubs, ok if your team has lost home & away to Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea or West Ham but if you are a fan of Chris Wilders red & white wizards this is a problem.

I have praised this governments response to this unprecedented crisis but this is a basic error that needs correcting ASAP.

Campaign for single source of the truth anyone ?

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