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Will 5G have a bigger impact on human growth than electricity ?

Is 5G the answer to all our problems ?

No obviously, however if the question is can I stream the latest Netflix box set faster than before then the answer is yes.

So where do we see the biggest impact for 5G ?

We believe the hotspot is firmly in manufacturing sector where the rise of the autonomous economy is pushing UK manufacturing to new exciting heights.

I.O.T, Robotics & Automation with 5G opens up a huge opportunity for the UK once we get past the red tape and technology challenges that are ahead of us.

The biggest and possibly hardest challenge we have is making sure that the human interaction with 5G and the technologies it will drive remains at the top of the agenda.

5G is a driver for digital transformation and all the surrounding technologies fit perfectly into the vision of Simoda. ‘influence change’

Don’t forget our strategy is………..




If you want to talk digital transformation, 5G or even Netflix box sets just get in touch.

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